# The precious jewels nelly spiteful vicious redrum on sacred luv 24/7 tyranny. Full total war on it,  using weaponised femaleness, culture jamming flexing and pursuit of freedom and prosperity. Below is an example of it in action.

# Make up a false malignant reality about a person in their face lying into their face. Get someone else to edict it under guise of something else. For example make a joke about a person *not working* for example with an indirect inference that that person is in fact a  lazy loustabout. Engineer a continuous character malignment campaign against the person on this basis in order to destroy the person s standing in the community regarding their integrity and truth. Engineer a propaganda campaign against them in order to bring into question the persons reputation and repute, call into question the truth of the person and bury the persons reputation in malicious rumour and innuendo and doubt and lies, making out that the good person is bad and the bad person is good.

Breaking the person for proven them wrong about their failure on living a full life, about their scam on not flexing and growing up and grabbing swag wherever they can and reeking havoc on anyone who is trying to live wherever they can.

# Possessed by a demonic spirit regarding been proven wrong that is is possible to live a life of goodness and fullness and prosperity. Proven that it is NOT possible becomes the number one activity of ones existence on a daily basis.


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