Maze, Minotaur And Axe ~ Dark Side Of Humanity

‘The Labyrinth and Minotaur in Greek Mythology can be read as symbols of the dark side of humanity, the Minotaur represents the ‘Beast’ in the human psyche that we hide away in the ‘Labyrinth’ of the unconscious mind.’

So, the ‘Beast’ hiding away to be slayed must be extracted out of the unconscious mind in order to be dealt with. This can only but mean that the ‘beast’ to go through an extraction must, can, only be but that it means the beast been thought out and made conscious in a knowing way for anyone to be able to understand its nature and reality and also see its context and its functionality for what it is. Its cosmic design.

This figuring out, this writing of the beast into extinction is the understanding on the half man half machine jackknifing weapon user. The weapon revealed for its machination and the user revealed for their skullduggery.

‘ …..exists, resides in the ordinary, the banal, the everyday.

‘.Jack, as we are, is trapped in circle of evil he does not understand, a labyrinth created of memories which have proven unreliable and pathways that are then forgotten.”


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