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The Red Book | Ideas with Paul Kennedy | CBC Radio

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‘Agents for dark forces use hyped and talented artists to do this for them but this action is not enough on its own because all the emotional respect (spiritual energy) created at the event would simply go to the artist and not to the dark forces promoting the artists.  Yes? So the Serpent has very crafty displayed its own symbolism on stage and/or the festival locations are very symbolic in themselves (or both!). This enables them to attract the spiritual energy towards the symbolism itself and not just the performing artists. The use of symbolism is very important because if the audience at a festival are made to feel emotional about the performer on stage then they also feel emotion, subconsciously, for the symbolism being displayed at the same time. I suppose the situation is on a par with a surge of electricity being sent through the stage, not only would the performers get a shock so would all the other items that conduct electricity. In other words ‘spiritual energy’ can feed the creators of the symbolism on show. The real creators of the symbolism on show are entities in other dimensions; hence ‘they’ receive the spiritual energy created at festivals that bear their symbolism.
The Serpent also uses ambiguous symbolic lyrics hidden in the songs that were allegedly penned and created by celebrity bands to get the crowd to collectively sing ambiguous words (Praise to the Gods), this also creates spiritual energy. (As mentioned in the beside the seaside article) For example Glastonbury uses a Pyramid Stage, so when the crowd feel emotion for artists at Glastonbury they will also give spiritual energy to symbolism (Pyramid etc) being displayed, simply because ‘emotional respect’ for the artist will also create ‘spiritual energy’ for the symbolism and this energy empowers things in a totally different way than you may imagine.
Emotional respect = Spiritual energy.
When you show emotional respect to something you are literally giving your spiritual powers to it. All those attending a rock concert are innocently giving their spiritual energies, not only to their idols on stage, but to the symbolism being displayed too.”